About Cindy

When people ask if I have children, my answer is always the same: Yes...with "Four Legs and Fur"!

Animals, nature and photography have always been an integral part of my life. I cannot remember (thankfully!) any time in my life without companion animals. I have spent most of my life in the outdoors. Likewise, most of my life I have had a camera in hand.

Currently my husband, Tom, and I share our home and lives with three dogs, three cats and four horses. All of our "kids" are rescues and many have special needs. For example: Kanga and Roger are off the streets of Taiwan. Kanga is missing a paw due to losing hers in a clamp trap at the tender age of 2 months. Roger is blind in one eye. Cholla (Choy-yuh) is a cancer survivor as well as insulin dependent diabetic. None of these challenges stop any of them from loving life, whether it is taking walks with the cats, herding the horses or playing with one another joyfully.

Roger, Cindy & Kanga

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My passion for animals and photography has recently merged into photographing your beloved four legged family members. I find wonder in the squeal of delight when a photograph truly captures the spirit of your much-loved animal.

We all know that our animal companions live far too short a life. It is my honor to be able to capture your animal's personality and spirit for you.

Love them now, remember them forever.

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